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Books for learners

M. E. Smith

29 Jan 2023

Buy local and get even more


I love books for many reasons. As a former teacher and current homeschooling parent, I know the power of reading with kids, the knowledge that can be drawn out of them, as well as the learning opportunities that books can create.

Many teachers and homeschooling parents have many fantastic plans in place and learning goals. But how many of your plans involve using books by local/Australian authors about local/Australian places/issues/stories?

Here at Second Pass Books we have picked out books that have access to learning resources/activities/videos or lesson plans so you can not only make life a little easier on yourself, but also discover some suggestions of ways to enjoy the book and create learning opportunities or discussions. These books are a small selection but cater for young children right up to teenagers.

To find out more you can head to our socials and look for this post or look for the info at the bottom of the description of your preferred book to see if it has mention of teaching resources. We also googled the title with the words teacher and it came up with resources, plans, activities, etc.

Buy local and give students reading and learning experiences that are contextual amd support local.

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