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Brighten up your day

M. E. Smith

25 May 2023

Smells so good!


Izzy & Ella Candle Co is the product of twin girls, Ellery and Izara, and was borne out of a desire to "be like Mum" and contribute to the family with their very own creative business.

After sourcing local premium candle making products, including premium soy wax and fragrance oils, the twins (with a little adult help for the hot work) produced their first batch of fragranced candles in French Vanilla and Lavendar. They have sold most of their first batch with only 2 of each fragranced candle variety left.

The twins say they are keen to produce further fragranced candles and plain soy wax candles (for the fragrance intolerant) in the near future. Head to our shop page or click this link to grab your very own Izzy & Ella Candle Co handmade candle and support these juniorpreneurs.

You can follow Izzy & Ella Candle Co on Instagram and Facebook via the handle @izzyandellacandleco

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