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SPB turns 1!

M. E. Smith

10 Nov 2023

Our first business birthday


I can't believe it has officially been 1 year since I launched this tiny little business from a glimmer of an idea while my children were homeschooling.

My cup has been filled to overflowing from supporting local/Australian authors to m,ake their books more visible and providing an exceptional customer experience to all who have ordered from us. You can check out Instagram for all the thank yous and more but on this website that I built myself from the ground up for this store I opened with my own personal capital, I implore you to buy a book or donate to my business so we can stay open and keep supporting local.

I'm not sure if this little business will ever move from an online store to a brick and mortar concept but I will keep it going for as long as I am able, and that is more likely with support from regular customers x

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